Special Unit Info

What is a special unit?
Special units are lead by certain Government ranks and above, they are groups that work together as a team to achieve a variety of tasks, whether it be to host events, to help improve population, run a radio station or even gather information about United Nations and give us all feedback. There are so many different possibilities of special units, and you can be a part of one as long as your High Management or above.

To be a part of a special unit, you can visit our special unit page here and look for the box that says "Speak to these habbo users to join" you will need to contact that person, either through our private message function on the website, or you can contact them through habbo also and they will get back to you if there is any positions available in their units.

How do I earn points in a special unit?
The owner of the unit will assign each of you tasks, whether they be individual tasks (one person only) or a weekly group task that everyone in the unit needs to complete. There will be one weekly task for each person in the unit each week, and you can earn up to 5,000 points for completing it, depending on the difficulty of the task. There may also be 2 individual tasks set each week, which only the first person to reply to the task can complete, you can earn a maximum of 3,000 points for an individual task.

Once you have completed a task, you will be required to reply to the task on the special unit page, then an Admin or the group owner can mark it as approved once they have seen sufficient evidence that you've completed it.

How many special units can I join?
You may be a part of 2 special units at one time, if your trying to join another unit and you are already a part of 2 units, you will need to leave or be removed from one of the other units before you can proceed to join a  new one.


Special Units within UN
Department of Development
The Department of Development is a special unit within United Nations that focuses on the growth and wellbeing of every single member of our community - all the way from Trainee to Owner. Our Purpose is to keep UN a safe, fun and fair environment to work in and to develop United Nations into the best agency it can be. We focus on bringing support to members of our agency and addressing the ideas and suggestions brought to us from the community. Everyone is welcomed to have a say; you can find the DOD suggestions box under "Utilities" on the HabboUN website www.HabboUN.com

Department of Events
The Department of Events (DOE) is a Special unit run within United Nations,
it is a Special Unit which benefits UN by hosting events and games, making UN a fun environment for our community, fulfills joy, excitement and nurtures everyone's acceptance. We are a strong team who creates new entertainment for UN and come up with unique ideas for UN. Our goal is to make United Nations an Agency like no other. We have different areas such as Worker of the Month, <UN> National Football team, Games, Host Agency Parties and develop new and interesting ways to make United Nations fun and grow.

Department of Forums
The Department of Forums is a special unit made up of Senior Management and above members who help benefit our Forums, making it more alive and active by moderating our newest threads and making sure our community is engaged in our new forum events and participates in future forum competitions. DOF is divided into different topics The Forum Moderators are responsible for posting weekly forum threads with their chosen topics. If there are other topics, as a Forum Moderator we should support other users and join in with non DOF member threads.

Department of Media
As a team we strive to make the public more aware, interested and involved with United Nations. Gaining more participation during our Events, tune into our Radio shows and of course join our Community. The Department of Media is a special unit in United Nations which was created in February 2016 by Cyndii. and Muva. we are a group of standard members within our community who enjoy keeping social media up to date with the hottest gossip and news within United Nations. Our objectives are to keep Habbo members interested and gain more public awareness and recognition with UN, be kept up to date with upcoming events, major changes, future suggestions, and giveaways. Please Follow us on Twitter @OfficialHabboUN

Department of Radio
As a team the Department of Radio strives to make United Nations a more interesting and fun environment, running and participating in our very own Radio station for members within the community of United Nations to enjoy while working/filling stations OR just a sing along in UN. Our main objectives in DOR would be to increase ratings on the UN radio station and in order to achieve this goal we will need more growth within UN and find different interests and opinions to enforce this goal in having more members tuning in. You can find the Radio station at www.habboUN.com

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