In the past 7 days:

In the last 7 days:
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Chaewon earned 286 rewards.
Oncolysis earned 239 rewards.
June earned 238 rewards.
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Kayla. earned 156 rewards.
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PurpleA2 earned 143 rewards.
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Mrwish earned 131 rewards.
Katielou247 earned 118 rewards.
Gyanissss earned 82 rewards.
Stalker earned 78 rewards.
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BTSUGA earned 54 rewards.
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M1lkiee earned 46 rewards.
...Wooly... earned 32 rewards.
eleenyy earned 29 rewards.
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robschmitt1983 earned 29 rewards.
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Eizy earned 26 rewards.
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MinejetpackXD earned 22 rewards.
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Disturbance earned 21 rewards.
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sofibee earned 21 rewards.
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lunarah earned 18 rewards.
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RapidPete earned 17 rewards.
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mondayblue earned 15 rewards.
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Mediotic earned 15 rewards.
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MichelleManiac earned 14 rewards.
Coacher earned 14 rewards.
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Swiftie earned 14 rewards.
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eygs earned 13 rewards.
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Jorgen earned 12 rewards.
kodey420 earned 11 rewards.
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LePear earned 11 rewards.
simonebaybe earned 11 rewards.
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_Darren_ earned 11 rewards.
xoAmandaxo earned 10 rewards.
dfant0128 earned 9 rewards.
-Charlie earned 9 rewards.
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Rika323 earned 8 rewards.
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Victoria14 earned 8 rewards.
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IpinTheGamer earned 8 rewards.
Juunior earned 7 rewards.
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-RainingGirl earned 7 rewards.
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dxni. earned 7 rewards.
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LittleSquishie earned 7 rewards.
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LightWeight earned 6 rewards.
OmarZafar98 earned 6 rewards.
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Cleene earned 6 rewards.
noah7479 earned 5 rewards.
Lika earned 4 rewards.
Mouthyabb earned 4 rewards.
XiiaoGiina earned 4 rewards.
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badr56 earned 4 rewards.
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deshun earned 3 rewards.
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