Ranks List

Standard ID

Agent [1,000 rank points]
Field Agent [2,000 rank points]
Special Agent [3,000 rank points]
Senior Agent [4,000 rank points]

Responsible for recruiting new members into our community at fill the front

Security ID

Intel Officer I [5,000 rank points] 
Intel Officer II [6,000 rank points]
Senior Intel  [7,000 rank points] 
Head Intel  [8,000 rank points] 
Chief Intel [9,000 rank points] 

Ability to work at security and responsible for checking correct badge, motto and active member on our site

Trainer ID

Trainer I [10,000 rank points]
Trainer II [12,000 rank points]
Trainer III [14,000 rank points]
Qualified Trainer [16,000 rank points]
Head Trainer [18,000 rank points] 

Obligated to fill Training area when needed and helping new recruits register sucessfully

Operations ID

Inspector [20,000 rank points] (40c)
Supervisor [25,000 rank points] (50c)
Consultant [30,000 rank points] (60c)
Co-Ordinator [35,000 rank points] (70c)

Ability to access help desk and responsible for answering all questions by other members

High Management ID

Advisor [40,000 rank points] (80c)
Overseer [50,000 rank points] (100c)
Manager [60,000 rank points] (120c)
Commander [70,000 rank points] (140c)

Ability to join up to two special units and Attention members

Senior Management ID

Senior Member  [80,000 rank points] (160c)
Senior Associate [95,000 rank points] (190c)
Senior Overseer  [110,000 rank points] (220c)
Senior Commander [125,000 rank points] (250c)
Senior Official [140,000 rank points] (280c)

Ability to represent a special unit as an Ambassador and have access to certain admin responsibilities

Leadership ID

Council Leader [150,000 rank points] (300c)
Provincial Leader [200,000 rank points] (400c)
Federal Leader [250,000 rank points] (500c)
Superior Leader [300,000 rank points] (600c)
Elite Leader [350,000 rank points] (700c)

Ability and access to our transfer desk and leadership benefits on site. Expected to join our Discord server

Government ID

Prices above this rank are 4c per 1000 points.
Minister [400,000 rank points] (800c)
Ambassador [450,000 rank points] (1000c)
Chancellor [500,000 rank points] (1200c)
Chairman [550,000 rank points] (1400c)

Ability to start moderating base and make requests for point deductions, ability to lead or create your own special unit

Moderator ID

 Premier [600,000 rank points] (1600c)
Head of State [700,000 rank points] (2000c)
Vice President [800,000 rank points] (2400c)
President [900,000 rank points] (2800c)

Able to handle complaints from external parties outside of UN and recommend members for the Recognition Award 

Office of Administration

Junior Director [1,000,000 rank points] (3200c)
Senior Director [1,200,000 rank points] (4000c)
Deputy Director [1,400,000 rank points] (4800c)
Chief Director [1,600,000 rank points] (5600c)
Superior Director [1,800,000 rank points] (6400c)

Now apart of the Foundation Team.
May moderate base, carry out disciplinary actions, ability to offer higher transfer limits, badge and website admin.


Ownership [2,000,000 rank points] (7200c)
Ownership Level C [2,000 ownership points]
Ownership Level B [3,000 ownership points]
Ownership Level A [4,000 ownership points]
Main Owner

May log rewards, deactivate and reactivate accounts, sell ranks, VIP perks and SV, give pay, promote headquarters, receive room rights to HQ and more.

 JamieChurchley               Luluchillgirl                Father_________           Rollands                   PurpleA2    
             EU Owner                       NA Owner                      NA Owner                  OC Owner                  OC Owner          
                             TheElixan                    ameesya52                     Snoooze                 BOOMitsBROOKIE         
                                EU Owner                       OC Owner                        NA Owner                     EU Owner                  

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       Founding Father               Main Owner                    Founder                     Main Owner              Site Developer    


Purchasing Rank Points/Ranks
Members who have past experience in other agencies or would like to contribute more towards our community have the opportunity to support our community by purchasing rank points If they wish to rank up faster through ranks.
Each 1,000 rank points costs 2 coins and for Government and above ranks its 4c per 1000 points. If you're interested in purchasing please remember to ONLY purchase from one of our official Owners wearing the black OWN badge. 

Please keep in mind that once purchased, we do not do any type of refunds after the purchase and trades are final.

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