Trainee Guide



Welcome to United Nations or <UN> for short, the most innovative agency on Habbo. We do things differently, starting with great pay and rank rewards for work! Another difference you’ll notice is that we allow coloured chat bubbles, dancing, role-playing and no uniforms!

Here we will cover the basic information you need to know and have a quick quiz (with unlimited tries). You will need at least an 80% to pass.


How does the point system work?

We have two point systems, pay points and rank points. They are both tracked on our website.

Whenever you work at United Nations, you will get rewards. Every reward becomes 250 rank points and 250 pay points when uploaded to this website. Rank points determine your rank and pay points determine your pay. You can click "My account" on the UN website to view your rank points and pay points. Please take note that rank points are not the same as pay points.


How do you earn rewards?

You earn rewards by sitting at workstations. There are blue arrow tiles that move around (look for them in the headquarters). If you are to the left of the arrows when the timer reaches 00:00, you will get instructions to claim one reward. You claim each reward by writing it on the scoreboard in another one of our rooms.


What do I get from each reward?  

Every reward becomes 250 rank points and 250 pay points when uploaded to this website. Rank points and pay points are updated on the website every 1 to 3 days.


How do I claim my reward?

Whenever you are to the left of the arrows when the timer reaches zero, you will be teleported to the elevator. Once there, go inside and pick a reward room that has less than 15 names on it and sit in the chair. If the scoreboard has 15 names on it, please use another room. If you sit in the seat and the board is full, you lose the reward. If you need help, ask someone in base to go with you the first time you do this or review the video.


When can I collect pay?  

Don’t forget that every reward gives you 250 pay points when uploaded to this website. You can collect your pay at any time, from an owner of UN (they have a black OWN badge with gold writing), as long as you have accumulated 10,000 pay points on this website. You will get 1 coin for every 1,000 pay points you exchange. All ranks can earn rewards and get pay points. All ranks can get paid.



- No ghost effect (the invisible ghost effect)

- Respect everyone around you, especially higher ranks

- Do not idle at your workstation

- Follow the commands listed below if given to you by a high rank (HM+)


FTF: Fill the Front - Recruit new members or let workers in at the front desks  (the areas on both sides of the Transfer Desk, which is the middle station with blue and pink drinks machines).
To open/close the FTF gate, type :FTF when seated in the station.


FTB: Fill the Back - Sit on the thrones to go AFK (away from keyboard) instead of going AFK at work stations.


FTS: Fill the Security - Work in security (the area with the colour tiles and switches).
To open/close the Security laser gate, type :SEC when seated in the station.


FTT: Fill the Training - Work in the training room (the area in the bottom right corner, with the sofas).
To open/close the Training gate to let the Trainee out, type :TRN when seated in the station.


FTHD: Fill The Help Desk - For Operations+ to answer questions of fellow members (the area between AFK thrones & Security).


ATT - Attention - Stay in your seat and wave and say yes ma'am or sir to the higher rank who called you. When you are a higher rank, never call attention to steal a seat! You may not call Attention unless you are High Management or above, you may only call Attention on ranks lower than yours.


AE – At Ease (resume your activities after being called to ATT)


What is the 15-minute rule?

Here in UN, we have many active members who are very dedicated to UN, to keep everything fair and equal we have the 15-minute rule which prevents arrow hunting. Every member within UN can only claim 1 reward every 3rd seat- 15 minutes (starting from their first reward). You are not allowed to steal or claim a seat/reward if the person has misclicked. If someone disconnects or purposely left their seat, they lose their seat.


What is the 2-minute rule?

If you see a free seat with a reward/arrow you may claim the seat ONLY if the timer is currently above 02:00 (2 minutes). You may not claim the seat if another member has misclicked.

Now all you have to do is pass the Trainee quiz! When you have passed the quiz, tell your trainer you have finished so they can give you some final reminders.

If you have questions, ask the help desk when you come out of training.


Please Note: Anyone caught working with more than one account, double jobbing or having different Agency badges and taking advantage of our system at United Nations, will be dealt with severely. Your other accounts will be deactivated and you will lose any progress you've made and in some cases, offenders may be fired from our agency. We have a sophisticated website capable of checking whether people have multiple accounts so if you are breaking this rule, you will get caught.


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