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United Nations has opened itself to forming Alliances and Recognised Partnerships with other Habbo Organisations and Agencies.
This decision was made based on our understanding and appreciation of how partnerships have the ability to connect and strengthen two communities, something we found to align with our own goals and values. We believe in creating friendship and supporting one another to grow as a whole and become stronger communities. The following document outlines the expectations that United Nations holds in all current and future alliances and/or partnerships and provides a brief description of our terms and our stance on a variety of rules that generally accompany an alliance and/or partnership. We will specify what we are willing to negotiate and what we stand firm on in any and all alliances and/or partnerships.

Our goal in the creation of an alliance/recognized partnership is to strengthen the sense of community within Habbo Hotel. We recognize that the best way to do so is by doing it together, and aim to partner with agencies whose goals align with our own. We expect to work closely with allied agencies in joint events, and support one another in a variety of ways.

Before creating an alliance and signing the agreement, we encourage all agencies interested in forming a future alliance with us to be opened to joining us in different events or participate in discord voice calls to give our members the opportunity to meet and get to know one another. Creating a relationship and getting to know both communities is extremely important for us when signing an agreed alliance agreement as we want our members to also be comfortable in both environments.

National Punishment

We strongly believe in giving people the opportunity to right their wrongs, correct their behaviour, and essentially try to give people the benefit of the doubt if they have not directly attacked or caused harm towards United Nations or seen as a threat towards our members. However, we are open to having a discussion with any allied agencies that can provide us with information and evidence on members that have been added to their National Punishment list. Based on the evidence provided, we are willing to assess whether the evidence meets our agency’s criteria, and will consider adding that individual to our DNH list. It is worth noting that we have an exceedingly high requirement to place an individual on our DNH list and therefore require that substantial evidence is provided. We agree to acknowledge and be mindful of your National Punishment list.

Transfer Restrictions
All members are free to transfer whenever and to whatever agency they desire. The extent in which we are willing to compromise transfer restrictions is limited. We will not accept any rules that restrict members from freely transferring between agencies regardless of rank. However, if an agency wishes to be notified of any members (or a specific group of members) that have transferred from their agency to UN, we are open to communicating this with them.

Length of Establishment
As of this moment, UN will only consider established agencies that have shown consistent progress and have been open for at least 6 Months. We will evaluate the agency in question and assess whether or not their goals align with ours.

Prior to discussing a potential alliance, If there are specific rules that aren’t highlighted in this document, or if you have any follow up questions, please do not hesitate to contact us and fill in the document provided. We look forward to further discussing an alliance with you and your agency.

Contact Us

Interpol [Room Owner: INTFoundation]
Alliance Est. December 2023 
United States Defense Force [Room Owner: USDF_HQ]
Alliance Est. September 2023



Community: DuckyWood
Room Info: [DuckyWood] N. 4th Street - United Nations [Room Own: Zarek]
Room Link: https://www.habbo.com/room/77655138

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