[DOF/DOR] Panic! At The Disco - Pray For The Wicked album review.

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[DOF/DOR] Panic! At The Disco - Pray For The Wicked album review.

Panic! At The Disco came out with a new album titled "Pray For The Wicked" at 22nd of June 2018.

In this review I will go through a quick summary of my interpretation behind the meaning of each track, and give my opinion on it.


At the end of my review I will give my thoughts about the project as a whole, and give it a rating out of 5 stars.

Track by track review.

First track on the record is called "F*** A Silver Lining." It starts out with a interlude that sets a very theatrical feel to this album to me.

The song itself is a very upbeat tune about not settling for second because "only gold is hot enough" The rhyme schemes in the verses feels like Brendon Urie try to be deep but is kind of failing. The song is a bop but not the greatest song on the record.

Following comes a track called "Say Amen (Saturday Night)." This was my first introduction to this album and I immediately fell in love.

Say Amen is about the people who left Brendon for his mistakes, he reacts to it kind of ironic singing "If i had one more day to wish, I could be better than this but, ooooh it's Saturday night." Giving the impression that he doesn't regret anything and will keep living as he always has done.

This track feels very personal, if you take in that the whole group practically broke up leaving him as the only member and the song seems aimed at his former band members.

Following this is my favorite song on the album called "Hey Look Ma' I Made It."

This song has so many metaphors and wordplay that I wouldnt fit it in the article but the first of the song is about the struggle had through his career, a line a particular love is "All my life been hustlin and tonight is my appraisal, cause I'm a hooker selling songs and my pimp's a record label." The chorus to the song is about him being at the top feeling proud.

The second verse of the song is about all the people who met through his journey to fame, some loyal some not he explain that in the line "Friends are happy for me or they are honeysuckle phonies, then they celebrate my medals or they wanna take my trophies."

The song is a sure bop and the highlight of the album for me.

4rth song on the album is called "High Hopes." It feels like a continuation of the previous song.

The song is dedicated to Brendon's mother and is about her support of him, knowing he would be something great. This is a great song to boost your confidence and just gets u in a really good mood my favorite line from the song is "Mama said, burn your biography, rewrite your history, light up your wildest dreams."

I get the message from the line that your past does not matter because it does not define you and is able to be changed.

The track "Roaring 20's" is about not knowing where you stand or who you are.

This track feels like Brandon's unsureness after being part of the theater scene, rather he would want to stay as an actor or go back to making music, the chorus "Roll me like a blunt cause I wanna go home."

He plays with the term to "roll out", which means leave and it seems like the line means he wants to escape the pressure. Either by literally going home or mentally escape by smoking.

"Dancing Is not a crime" seems like a song to the ladies that keeps rejecting Brandon.

He sings about not being perfect the line "You can't take me anywhere, I am still uninvited I'm still gonna light it, I'm going insane and I don't care." seems like him saying that he doesnt fit in with the fancy crowd but he doesn't care. The title of the song and the chorus seems to me to be about him explaining, nothing will happen if you dance it is not a crime unless you do it without me.

The the second verse has the line "Don't call me Saint California if your at another alter just give me your vows" which I interpret as Brandon explaining to the girl that he wants her to be honest if she is with someone else.

The song "One Of The Drunks." Is about alcoholism and how it starts slowly.

The verse seems like a party song about drinking but it ends with the line "Every weekend with you friends, every weekday when it ends, damn it feels good I guess" which could be interpreted as not really feeling good but trying to convince yourself that you are having fun.

What I also read in that line is that this guy drinks daily, which is where you usually see the problem when it comes to alcoholism.

"The Overpass." about unhealthy relationships.

The song is about being into a person who is over the relationship that you used to have.

The line in the chorus "Sketchy Girls and Lipstick Boys" seem like a reference to their very first album where Brandon sang about "Testosterone boys and harlequin girls" on the song "Lying Is The Most Fun A Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off".

"King Of The Clouds." Is my least favorite song on the album it is a song about breaking gravity physics and being able to fly over the skies.

This song almost didn't make it to the album due to deadline issues but the song was rushed and written in 1 hour before being recorded and just making it.

The song was written by Brandon while he was high, the line "Heaven knows I was born too late, for these ghosts that i chase, with these dreams i inflate, painted skies in my brain, every day I'm Carl Sagan in space to escape the old world. " is about escaping earth to a place upon the skies.

The song is ur typical weed song, nothing special and you can tell that it is rushed.

The second to last song on the album is "Old Fashioned." It is about looking back at the prime years of your life.

The line "Dead and gone so long, seventeen so gone" is a reference to back when Panic! At The Disco was formed in 2004, when Brandon was only 17.

My favorite line in this song is "We were borderline kids with a book of disorders, medication' everyday to keep the straightness in order"

To me this line is about the medication industry throwing diagnoses here and there at kids that are not "as they should be" and the medication is for them to fit into society again.

The Final song on the album is called "Dying in LA." It is about arriving at LA with big dreams but having them crushed.

The song sticks out from the rest of the album being the only balad, it is also one of the deepest most depressing sounding songs.

The lines "Everybody on the boulevard is a dreamer just like you" gives the feel that everyone comes to LA with big dreams and the chorus "Nobody knows you now that your dying in LA" shows the dreams being crushed because you did not make it, you died trying to become famous but it never happened.


Final thoughts and overall review.

So all in all I love this album but it has its pros and flaws.

It is a big step for Brandon as this album sounds nothing like anything Panic! has previously released. He does not rely as much on his vocals as he usually does but focused on lyrics instead.

The music is very theatrical with the horns and strings and could almost sound like a big band playing.

But the album has its downfall around midway into it, I loved the first 7 songs then the next 4 sounded like fillers.


But Dying In LA seems like a perfect ending track to the album for me which is why the album get 4 stars out of 5 stars.



Remember this is my interpritation of the album, feel free to share yours in the comments bellow, and let me know what you thought about the album.

Album In Review

Nice detailed review of the album. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on it. I’ll try and listen to it one of these days.

Great first thread. Welcome to DOF. hope to read more.

Say Amen sounds pretty

Say Amen sounds pretty amazing. I’m new to Panic At The Disco! So thanks for posting this!


i'm so glad someone did a thread about this!! i totally agree!!!

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