<UN> July Newsletter 2019

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<UN> July Newsletter 2019


This newsletter format is Beautiful

Amazing newsletter, Ting! <3

Amazing newsletter, Ting! <3 congrats to all the winners & members of the month


looks great

the aesthetic of this

the aesthetic of this newsletter tho*_* congrats to everyone!!!

nice & congrats

looks nice and well done to all

Well done to everyone

Well done to everyone and it's so awesome the amount of work done this month!

Congrats everyone!! Nice

Congrats everyone!! Nice newsletter


WAAAH! Thank you and congrats to everyone as well! (Special mention to my Liza boss kekekeke)


Loving this minimalist and flora-inspired newsletter!

Congratulations to all the winners for your well-deserved hard work and contributions to the agency!

Huat ahhh!


Congratulations everyone, job well done! 


This is so nice to look at. Congrats to everyone!

Awesome! (like 27)

Awesome newsletter design as always! Congrats to all the winners of this month and lets head strong for August!

The aesthetics for this

The aesthetics for this newsletter are so beautiful!!

good job!

nice, nice. congrats everyone :raised_hands:

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